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Bekah Plant, Age 4, from Mineral Ridge, OH

Rebekah – a.k.a. Bekah – was born prematurely with 2 holes in her tiny heart.

She spent 10 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit at Akron Children’s Hospital, and at 4 months, she underwent open-heart surgery to mend the holes and repair her heart.

Today, Bekah is a perfectly typical 4-year-old. She sees her cardiologist for routine checkups. After discovering she has a vision issue called Duane syndrome, she also sees eye specialists at the hospital’s Boardman location.

“Most days we don’t even think about how sick she was, and that’s exciting,” said Sarah, Bekah’s mom.

Now Bekah’s biggest challenge is sitting still long enough to practice writing her alphabet. Helping Bekah with this is a welcome stress for Sarah. Her worry for her daughter’s health has been replaced with a much more common concern.

While Bekah was sick, everyone at Akron Children’s quickly started to feel like family. Even now, many of the nurses are Sarah’s Facebook friends and check in on the family.

“I remember before Bekah’s surgery, we told Dr. Vande Kappelle that we were praying for a miracle, and he told us he was praying for it as well, but reminded us that miracles can come in many ways,” said Sarah. “For us, Akron Children’s has been the miracle that we needed. We know that the doctors are always looking out for the patient’s best interest. They treat every patient as if he or she were their own child.”

You can follow Sarah’s blog, “Following Your Heart,” where she shares Bekah’s journey at Akron Children’s Hospital.

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