Meet Wild Man

Sam Plant, Age 2, from Mineral Ridge, OH

Always a healthy and adventurous eater, Sam decided to try a cashew around Christmas. Immediately, he felt sick and vomited. Afterward, he seemed fine, but a week later, he had the same reaction when eating another cashew – only worse.

Luckily, Sam’s pediatrician knew to send them to Akron Children’s, where they could work with specialists to help keep Sam safe.

Sam’s older sister, Bekah, had been a patient at Akron Children’s, so the Plant family knew he would be in good hands.

“Akron Children’s is equipped to deal with all of this, including kids and frantic parents,” said Sarah, Sam’s mom.

Doctors uncovered that Sam has severe allergies to nuts, seeds and cats.

Sam and his family manage his allergies well now. With both Sam and his sister healthy, the Plant household is back to being “crazy” as normal, as Sarah puts it. That’s thanks to Sam’s vivacious personality and Bekah, who gave her parents the confidence to have another child.

“I know for sure we would never have considered having another child after Bekah if we had not had such an amazing experience with her,” Sarah said. “And now, we have ‘wild man’ Sam.”

Sam sees his allergist regularly and enjoys sharing his sister’s healthy eating habits. The 2-year-old likes to eat just about anything you put in front of him, but he’s sure to stay far away from nuts… and cats too, for that matter.

You can follow Sarah’s blog, “Following Your Heart,” where she shares her family’s journey at Akron Children’s Hospital.

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