Meet The Determinator

Jordan Pollock, Age 5, from Seville, OH

At their 9-week ultrasound, Megan and Randy Pollock were smitten with their tiny ‘peanut’ dancing on the screen before them.

At 20 weeks, peanuts’ ultrasound revealed he had spina bifida, a birth defect where the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord don’t close completely.

“Our hearts sank as the dream we had wasn’t going to be as pictured,” said Megan. “God’s plan was much bigger and we continued to trust and rely on Him.”

The Pollocks toured Akron Children’s Hospital and met with staff who would soon become like family to Jordan.

Jordan spent his first 9 days in Akron Children’s neonatal intensive care unit. While in the NICU, he had back closure surgery to help prevent infection and save the spinal cord from more damage. He also had a shunt placed in his head to help drain the fluid in his skull.

“When we finally got to bring him home, our love and drive for this little mister became our mission in life,” Megs said. “We were anxious to allow Jordan to become the best he could be.”

During the next several years, Jordan underwent more procedures, including ear tubes, shunt revisions and incision closures, as well as countless therapy sessions.

“The anxiety of being a parent who cares for a child with special needs isn’t always easy,” said Megs. “Thankfully Akron Children’s and their team cares for your child like their own.”

Jordan’s spina bifida is labeled a functional level of L4, which means he can’t feel or move his legs below his knees. He requires bracing to allow him to walk with a walker or canes.

Because of the imbalance of muscles, Jordan’s right leg is weaker than his left, which caused his right hip to sub-flux or slide out of place.

This led to hip surgery, tendon lengthening and a tendon transfer in his feet. After hip surgery, Jordan had to wear a spica cast for 40 days, followed by Day Rehab 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks.

“One would think with all the visits Jordan has made to the hospital he would show fear when entering the doors of Akron Children’s,” Megs said. “Instead, a few months ago we heard Jordan say, ‘I love Doctor’s House…because I love my doctors!’”

And mom agrees.

“When you have a team that cares enough to make it a point to see you for surgery like Miss Brittany from Child Life or greets you like Miss Rhonda, the volunteer at the front desk, or supports you like the team at the Myelo Clinic, it truly feels like Children’s is our second family,” she said. “Thank you to all of our heroes at Akron Children’s Hospital.”

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