Meet Mighty Miracle

Lennix Pryor, Age 3, from Dover, OH

Born at 24 weeks and 1 day, Lennix and her twin sister, Charlee, had a slim chance of survival. Lennix only weighed 1 lb., 6 oz.

After the birth of their twins, parents Alexis Host and Nick Pryor knew that the journey ahead for their daughters and their family would be a long and draining one.

After being born at their local hospital, the twins were taken to Akron Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. They proved to be fighters, beating every obstacle that came their way.

“Lennix and Charlee are heroes because they continue to overcome the impossible,” said Alexis. “They have beaten too many odds to count.”

Shortly after her birth, Lennix was taken to Akron Children’s NICU to receive an emergency stomach surgery. In the following weeks, Lennix underwent 3 more procedures to treat life-threatening conditions affecting her intestines, stomach and heart.

After 203 long and stressful days, Lennix was finally able to join her parents at the Ronald McDonald House of Akron to wait for Charlee, who was still in the NICU.

Between the two of them, the twins have undergone more than 30 critical surgeries. Today, Lennix and her sister are happy and healthy toddlers. Lennix receives neurology, ophthalmology, physiatry and physical therapy services at Akron Children’s.

Alexis and Nick are happy dealing with teething and the terrible 3s rather than critical health issues.

“Even through the hardest times, when we felt like we couldn’t endure anything else, they did,” says Alexis. “They kept pushing and never allowed all the things that were ‘supposed to happen,’ happen. If they could make it through the impossible, so could we!”

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