Meet Artistic Ellie

Ellie Spicocchi, Age 5, from Massillon, OH

In just a matter of minutes, the Spicocchi family expanded its ranks from 4 to 9.

Amie and Vince Spicocchi became the proud parents of Ellie Renee Spicocchi and 4 other children: Paige, Ilah, Gia and Enzo, all weighing less than 2 lbs. Their eyes were still fused shut, and they could not breathe on their own. Each of the quintuplets underwent PDA ligations on their hearts.

Ellie didn’t suffer any other critical health issues other than her PDA ligation, which is no small task for a 1 lb., 11 oz. newborn.

Today, Ellie is healthy and happy and only visits Akron Children’s once a year to see Dr. Richard Hertle for eye exams.

“We’re thankful to have an Akron Children’s location so close to where we live,” said Amie. “Every year the family participates in the Walk for Babies to benefit the Akron Children’s NICU.”

Amie calls the NICU team “our heroes” for taking care of the family during a scary and stressful time.

When Amie thinks about the overwhelming odds the family faced when she was first expecting, where they are today is nothing short of a miracle.

“To see them thriving now … there are no words to describe it,” said Amie. “Seeing their strength has given us the strength to never give up hope.”

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