Marathon Shows Heroism in Action

October 5, 2016 by Megs Pollock

Jordan, with his father, Randy, encourage running as they pass through their Hero Zone.

Most of us have thought about a superhero at some point in our lives. We consider how awesome it would be to have a superpower that allows us to stand out in a crowd. The ability to go out of our everyday routine and save the day. To be recognized for the courage it takes.

We had the privilege to see such heroism in action. Our family encountered little heroes and big heroes at the 2016 Akron Marathon.

Marathon Shows Heroism in Action

Jordan on the morning of the marathon.

Like Peter Parker, Clark Kent and Diana Prince, these heroes did not necessarily choose the powers that were gifted to them. They chose to use their  uniqueness to help others.

The patients called themselves names like Cancer Crusher, The Determinator and Piano Man. They have faced situations that most of the population would never dream of. Yet they endure the situations they have been dealt.

They walk into a place that could cause more fear than hope, and they fight. They fight against the odds that have been given.

Sometimes the odds are fighting hard to get the best of them, and sometimes they do get the best of them. But they get back up. What choice do they have?

It’s about taking one week, one day, one moment at a time. Because the moments of fear and frustration are backed by happiness and hope.

Hope that one day, one sweet day, they will look back and not see the challenges and fear they faced, but how far they have come. To look ahead and say I did it before and I’m stronger because of it. I’m going to push forward, and you know what…I’m going to encourage those around me.

Jordan and I dance before the start of the marathon.

I’m going to fly in there and help those who are in the midst of the fear and uncertainty. I’m going to provide hope to the hopeless. I’m going to hold the hand and celebrate the journey.

It’s okay to have those hard days and wonder, “What in the world am I doing here? And why has God allowed this to happen?” These are questions that often cross our minds. I’m not sure we are supposed to figure these questions out. We just keep on keeping on.

I’d love to sit down for a cup of tea with Mrs. Kent. We could reminisce about our superhero sons. Our Determinator is tough. He smiles through some of the difficult times, and he encourages people with his perseverance.

But even Clark Kent had to cry at some point. For a mom that’s not easy. To watch our heroes struggle as the kryptonite comes full force. We realize there are times we are down and unable to stand and fight. But somehow Superman finds his way out and becomes the hero of the day.

We were able to witness our Determinator as he took flight over the Akron Marathon weekend. He encouraged runners and walkers. These are abilities that our hero most likely will not use efficiently.

But he took his courage and honor and held out his precious hand to the point he had to support his arm with the other. He inspired runners to push themselves up a hill. He looked them in the eye and gave thumbs up. He cheered them on to let them know they could do it.

As his cape soars behind our Determinator we will continue to do the same for him. We will cheer him on. We will hold out our outstretched arm and support it with the other as he fights the hills of life.

We will make sure to fight for our hero. We will find a team to surround him, so he’s the best hero he can be. We will make sure he’s in a position to encourage those around him.

Most important, we will provide a safe place in our home for our superhero to hang his cape on his bedpost, and be loved for being Jordan Pollock.

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