Children’s Champion Proves You Can Make a Difference No Matter Your Age

July 28, 2016 by Alissa Hazlett

Children’s Champion proves you can make a difference no matter your age

Champions come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Ten-year-old Children’s Champion Lucas Bitong is proof.

When Lucas was 5, he fell and hit his head on a railroad tie at the park and suffered a severe concussion. After being taken to Akron Children’s Hospital, he was told he’d be staying overnight.

Lucas is still talking about his experience 5 years later.

He got to meet Petie the Pony, the miniature horse that visits Akron Children’s patients every other week, and still keeps Petie’s trading card in his wallet. He also met members of the Doggie Brigade and enjoyed “the best meatloaf” for dinner during his stay.

When Lucas signed up to participate in his 10th Akron Marathon Kids Fun Run, presented by Signet Jewelers this year, his experience at Akron Children’s wasn’t far from his mind. When his mom, Anne Bitong, president and executive director of the Akron Marathon, asked if he’d like to be a Children’s Champion, Lucas didn’t hesitate.

“He replied with a resounding ‘Yes!,” said Anne. “He read all of the hero patient stories and knows the money he raises will help children get quality care like he did during his short visit at Akron Children’s.”

Lucas is now one of the top Children’s Champions fundraisers and well on his way to meeting his $1,000 fundraising goal.

No matter your age, you can make a difference for the patients at Akron Children’s Hospital as a Children’s Champion. Click here to sign up today.

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