Bucket Lists, Bets and Big Finishes

June 21, 2017 by Joanne Greene

Bucket Lists, Bets and Big Finishes

Carlos Alvarez has never run a marathon, but it’s the very first item on his bucket list. So when a discussion with his roommate led to a bet that he couldn’t run his first marathon by the end of his senior year, Carlos accepted the challenge and started looking for just the right marathon for his first, big finish.

“I pretty much stumbled across the Akron Marathon,” said Carlos. “But when I dug deeper and learned that I could run it while also doing something good for people and the community, that’s when I truly decided that this was the race for me.”

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico where he lived until the age of 15, Carlos has spent the last two years living in Hudson. This active 17-year-old is about to become a high school senior at Western Reserve Academy where he enjoys running varsity track, playing varsity soccer and volunteering for service programs at school and in the community.

Carlos will turn 18 a week before he runs his first marathon and he can’t wait to celebrate that milestone with a solid finish in the Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Marathon, Half Marathon & Team Relay presented by FirstEnergy. Although he’s been running track for his high school, Carlos only started training for the marathon a few months ago.

“I never really enjoyed running, but ever since I started running track and training, I’ve started to fall in love with it,” said Carlos. “I figured since it’s the first thing on my bucket list – followed by running an Iron Man – I might as well start out with a big marathon, and one that would let me do something good for other people while also fulfilling a goal of mine.”

The opportunity to be a Children’s Champion was what made the Akron Marathon stand out to Carlos, what motivated him to run it as his first, and what will bring him back year after year.

“I’m really into community service and helping other people around me, so becoming a Children’s Champion was a no-brainer,” said Carlos. “It does not take a special person to become a Children’s Champion, but being one is a very special and unique experience. This is not something everyone does, but it is something everyone can do. I will definitely be doing this for years to come.”

Join Carlos as a Children’s Champion and help make a difference in the lives of Akron Children’s patients and families.

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